Zipper Pulls

Zipper Pulls
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In this program, you will see the entire procedure for completing these projects from a view over Robert’s shoulder using a step-by-step sequence that is easy to follow.
Then, a complete list of the tools and materials needed to complete the projects are listed. Robert elaborates on knot tying skills which will become important building blocks for use in many other fancy knotting projects. Choice of material, tying, tightening and cord trimming techniques are covered.
These zipper pull projects are suitable for adults of all ages. These are great parent/child projects also. However, adults must supervise the use of all tools.
Worn on your jacket or backpack, these zipper pulls will become a topic of conversation among friends and family alike. They make great gift too.

Video Specifications:

  • DVD Color
  • Running time approximately 120 minutes
  • By A Robert H. Black Production
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Zipper Pulls — $30.00