Robert Black~Making a Turk's Head Bracelet

Robert Black~Making a Turk's Head Bracelet
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In this program, you will see the entire procedure for completing this project from a view over Robert’s shoulder using a step-by-step sequence that is easy to follow.
Robert introduces you to this famous nautical knot. Then, a complete list of the tools and materials are discussed. Robert shows you how to make a mandrel and the procedure to size and layout your bracelet in preparation for tying it. Then, step-by-step, you are shown how to tie, double, triple and tighten your bracelet.
Robert discusses the use of different materials, doubling and tripling, and how to expand the dimensions of a Turk’s head to achieve additional bracelet designs.
Finally, other applications for Turk’s head knots are shown to help you gain ideas for future fancy knotting projects.
When you wear your bracelet, you will become a topic of conversation among friends and family alike. You will be able to make a unique gift too.

Video Specifications:

  • DVD Color
  • Running time approximately 120 minutes
  • By A Robert H. Black Production
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Making a Turk's Head Bracelet — $30.00